Why Kent?

Kent McMillen is the father of two adult children, Justin and Nikia, lives in Melrose Park, and has worked over 30 years in the legal field.

Kent enjoys listening to the stories of people's lives, a valuable skill growing up in a family of eight children on the southeast side of Chicago.

He grew up politically active. Kent recalls helping his dad canvas their precinct and watching his oldest brothers take his dad's World War II gas masks for protection during the 1968 Democratic convention.

Kent's activism over the past 20 years has been with the Libertarian Party, because he believes in the value of every person and how everyone should be free to pursue their own happiness. That freedom to innovate creates new technologies and industries, raising everyone's standard of living.

He takes positive action to protect his own health and personal finances and believes the same approach is badly needed in Washington. Our country is drowning in debt and weighed down by heavy regulations, high taxes, and the cost of policing the world.

If you want our economy to grow, allow people to live and let live, and bring our troops home, support Kent McMillen for US Senate.