Kent Will Tackle the Tough Issues

Typical politicians do not dare speak the truth, afraid to anger special interest groups. Kent will only serve one-term. From his inauguration to his last day in office, he'll be working for you to secure the future of our country, not campaigning for re-election.

Military Misuse

The purpose of the US Military is to defend America, not to spread democracy or police the world. Kent will propose we begin closing our military bases overseas and bringing the troops home. Our economy and our security grows on American soil.


America is a nation of immigrants and throughout our history people who come here to make a better life for themselves and their families have been a source of economic growth and national pride. While no taxpayer funds should subsidize immigrants, there should be a path to citizenship for those who have committed no other crimes which is both expedient and inexpensive.

Federal Spending Spree

We are nearly $20 trillion in debt. We can't trim our way out. We take a machete and cut down value-free federal agencies, such as the Departments (that obstruct) Commerce, Education, and Transportation. Then we take our hacksaw to the remainder, keeping only those programs that are a good value for your money.

Tax Abuse

Our tax system leaves us at the mercy of federal agents with a long, shameful record of abuse. With a much smaller federal government, we can abolish the Internal Revenue Service and establish a low, reasonable rate of taxation. Tax relief + simplification = money for your American dream and an end to IRS nightmares.

Social Insecurity

There is nothing secure about retirement promises made by Bernie Madoff or your Uncle Sam. While we must keep the system unchanged for those who depend on it, we must also transition to personal savings accounts for younger Americans. Real retirement security is not political, it is personal, with individual ownership and control.


This is a given. Everyone is entitled to live free and equally, regardless of gender, race or sexual preference. Considering all that certain groups have had to overcome, there is no place for discrimination in this country. We are all in this together.

Drug Stupidity

Apparently, we learned nothing from alcohol prohibition, so we're doomed to repeat it. The war on drugs is undeniably a failure, with countless tax dollars wasted and lives ruined. The entire world is realizing we would be better served by changing our approach from incarceration to treatment. One state after another is legalizing marijuana and reaping the medical and fiscal benefits. It's time for the drug war to end.

Gun Control

Responsible gun owners should be able to protect themselves and their families, hunt, sport and conceal carry without restrictions. Gun control laws don't work as evil always finds a way.