Secure American Freedom

America is a great country, but we are headed in the wrong direction. The federal government spends too much, we are taxed too much, and our military is busy protecting every country but ours. I am running to secure your country, your wallet, and your freedom.

If we want to provide a prosperous future for our children and grandchildren, smart choices need to be made in Washington. The first step is to elect representatives who will make those choices, no matter the political cost.

If you want to slash the size of government, lower taxes, and focus the military on securing America, please join my campaign. The result will be more security, more prosperity, and more freedom for Illinois and every American.

It's Official: The Libertarian Party will be on the ballot this November in Illinois!

After gathering 53,000 signatures - over twice the legal requirement and over ten times what Republicans or Democrats in Illinois have to turn in - the Libertarian Party of Illinois is officially on the ballot for November's election. This fall, choose freedom with us.